We are offering both third party fund management as well as Tribeca labelled investment funds with our own strategy and DNA.

TAIFM is servicing professional investors in the management of their SREIF (FIIS/GVBF) in 3 typologies:

  1. Corporates
    We help large corporates which have a substantial real estate portfolio on their balance sheet by assisting them in the structuring of a dedicated real estate fund in which we can facilitate the accessing of new Limited Partners in the capital stack.
    Such regulated structures give LP’s access to strong covenants, whilst the operational corporates both continue to operate their key assets and build relationships with such LP’s as long term investors.  The latter is particularly interesting for corporates as
    an option to sponsor future geographical growth at a lower cost of capital.
  2. Professional Investors 
    Professional Investors, typically GP’s, which acquire a real estate asset in western Europe and wish to use a regulated vehicle to isolate their investment. TAIFM services such investors whilst the operational management and maintenance could be delegated (within the limitations of the AIFMD) to other serivice providers.
  3. Investment Funds 
    Promotors setting up a private real estate fund which requires an AIFM, could appoint TAIFM as their trusted manager.

Every new fund project as well as the professional investors in such funds need to be onboarded at different levels. One such level is the acceptance by the board of TAIFM after review of the new fund or service by the risk and compliance committee of TAIFM.